Selfie Selfie Selfie

Written by: Christine

Are we living in an era of pure vanity? The “selfie” stick has gone viral and people just can’t help themselves. Love it or hate it, the selfie stick is here and I don’t think it’s leaving any time soon.

Some of you know that we are “selfie stick” owners loud and proud. And some of you may judge us for it because you’re embarrassed for us. We know. But we like to call it our GoPro pole. It’s a beautiful thing and we have been able to capture some great shots with the help of it.

Contrary to popular belief the selfie stick is not only being used by us Asians. Surprisingly, the most selfie sticks we have seen on our travels was, believe it or not – Rome. Check out this CNN article on where the most selfies are taken in the world here. And also Mr. Obama himself making use of it here:

When in Rome we were constantly bombarded by the touts, that they convinced our friend (selfie stick hater) to purchase one, except it was faulty. So after a few minutes of arguing they finally refunded him.

Just out of curiosity I also inquired about the price of one and was followed down the street only to be yelled at for not making the purchase. Not exactly the “when in Rome” story I imagined I’d be telling.

While wielding a selfie stick around is kind of embarrassing, you really can’t trust other travelers to take pictures for you and capture the perfect shot that you’re hoping for. Case in point right here – A romantic New Year’s Eve (2013) with a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower from the River Seine. This is what we got.


So judge on if you like. But first let me show you our selfies that we would not have captured otherwise!

Among the crowds of Shibuya Crossing
Looking back on Lions Head, the beast that we just hiked
Kayaking among the 1969 islands of HaLong Bay
Again with the lovely students of Hakodate
Stuck in traffic on a tuk tuk in Bangkok
From the old school trams in Hong Kong



Paragliding in Sedgefield – South Africa

What do you think about the selfie stick? Do you own one?

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