2 Days in Oslo

Written by: Thomas

We never expected to end off our 7-month round the world trip in Oslo, Norway. But at some point in the process of scouring the web for a flight home, I came across this article from Price of Travel about the cheapest European airports to fly into. Oslo was actually near the top of the list, and when I looked into flying out of Oslo back home, it made sense financially (plus it was a Star Alliance flight!). So, with that, we headed to Norway, backpacks in tow.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be the first to tell you that Norway is not exactly a budget destination. For example, a pint of beer and meals at Mcdonald’s are somewhere around $15-18 CAD. Since we were at the end of our trip, and down to our last few bucks, there was not a ton of stuff we could do, and we decided to only stay 2 days before flying home. We still really enjoyed Oslo though, as it has a lot to offer. Here is roughly how we spent our last 2 days on the road.


Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House can’t be missed. It is a landmark for Norway, highlighting the Norwegian Opera and Ballet. Entry to the roof and lobby of the opera house is free to all. It’s a really interesting building, and the views from the roof are awesome.


Kampen Neighbourhood

Kampen is a neighbourhood in Oslo between the inner-city and outer suburbs that is known for its wooden houses.


Frogner Park & Vigeland Sculptures

Frogner park is the largest park in Oslo, and features the Vigeland Sculptures – 212 bronze statues that were designed by Gustav Vigeland between 1920-1943. Some of these statues were quite…interesting, I shall say.


Bygdøy Peninsula and Viking Ship Museum

Bygdøy Peninsula is a peninsula on the western side of Oslo. Ferries weren’t running as it was winter, but we were still able to bus there. Many of the main attractions here are the museums, however we only visited the Viking Ship Museum, which houses the Oseberg, Gokstad, and Tune ships.


Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is an interesting place to visit. We happened to stumble upon their changing of the guard ceremony, and took some pictures with their guards (they actually let us, unlike the guards in Budapest and Vatican City).


Holmenkollen Ski Jump Tower

We didn’t actually make it out to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump hill, but we could see it in the distance. It looks like an impressive jump tower, but there is no way I would want to try this thing out for myself. From reviews on TripAdvisor, sounds like it is worth a visit for a view over Oslo on a clear day. They also have a simulator to test our your ski jump skills.


2 thoughts on “2 Days in Oslo

  1. I am flying to Oslo and spending a couple days there this coming fall. Looks like a great place. The Viking museum looks like it would be a hit with the family. I am pretty concerned about the prices.

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