Looking Back and Ahead

We have been back home for 10 months now — longer than the time we spent on the road (8 months)! As 2015 winds down, I thought I’d share some thoughts and an update on what’s going on with us, and how we’ve been doing since we got back.

We’ve been a little MIA lately because we weren’t really sure if people were reading or following, so we stopped writing for awhile. I recently bumped into a few acquaintances here and there who told me they had followed our Instagram and blog, and one person told me they felt inspired to take some time off to travel at some point in their life!

So What’s New?

We both jumped right back into the corporate world pretty quickly after we got back in February, and have settled nicely back into our careers in different companies than the ones we left in 2014.

…and we’re engaged! I proposed in Iceland during our week-long trip this past September to Copenhagen and Iceland!

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

On Job Seeking:

As our RTW trip was wrapping up and we were booking our flight home, I did have some concerns as to whether I’d be able to find a job quickly or easily. I had resigned from my previous company where I’d been for 3+ years, and they weren’t able to hold a spot for me while I was gallivanting around the world. When we returned I went on a number of interviews where interviewers asked me about the gap in my resume, but where I had expected negative reactions, I was often met with very understanding people. I eventually accepted an offer from a startup financial tech company, where my boss himself has traveled to over 25 countries, so naturally he was very understanding and interested about our trip.

Anyway, bottom line – the job hunt was definitely not as difficult as may be perceived by those who think it is career suicide to take a break to travel. Perhaps I lucked out, but I think generally people are pretty open-minded.

On Reverse Culture Shock:

It was weird to be home at first. Things like having a closet, not living out of a backpack, and driving on the right side of the road all felt so strange. Not to mention, staying put and not seeing new places everyday..

Driving on the left in New Zealand

During one of the first meals we had when we were back in Toronto, we realized all of the conversations at nearby tables were in English. Almost everywhere else, we tuned out foreign languages as white background noise. I think that was the first instance where we felt odd being home because now everything felt loud.

Of course as we got back into the groove of things, we gradually felt less and less reverse culture shock.

On Plans for 2016:

We’ve been pretty busy planning our wedding, and equally as important – the honeymoon! One of the first questions we asked each other after getting engaged was where would we go for our honeymoon. How typical of us!

The answer is…Africa! More on that later though…stay tuned.

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